Further traffic data

Data from other sources

In addition to the data from the Free State of Bavaria, there are other data related to Bavaria that are available from external sources.

further data offers

Charging station infrastructure

Operators of publicly accessible charging infrastructure must report these to the Federal Network Agency. All public charging points that have fully completed the notification procedure of the Federal Network Agency and for which publication on the Internet has been approved are listed in the charging point map and are available as lists.

  • Data provision: via Federal Network Agency
  • Update cycle: monthly
  • Availabilty: free
  • Data model: CSV
  • Data transmission: Download

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Price information for service stations

The Market Transparency Unit for Fuels at the Federal Cartel Office enables consumers to find out about current fuel prices in Germany. Since 2013, companies that operate public service stations or have pricing authority at them have been required to report price changes for the common fuel types Super E5, Super E10 and diesel "in real time" to the Market Transparency Unit for Fuels. This passes on the incoming price data to providers of consumer information services.

  • Data provision: via MDM
  • Update cycle: Real-time
  • Availabilty: free
  • Data model: DATEX2
  • Daten transmission: HTTPS/SOAP

MDM Publication

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