Traffic data for extensive information

Data sources

Data providers.

Data Providers for Bayerninfo

The Bavarian Road Administration is the major source of data for Bayerninfo especially for traffic cameras and road works. The Highway Directorates Nothern and Southern Bavaria, 19 regional road maintenance offices and many district administrations are involved in the generation of road works messages. Data from connected cars and road weather data are purchased form commercial providers. Beyond this, also other partners contribute to our service:

  • Traffic Warning Center of the Police: Warning messages
  • Bavarian Rail Agency (BEG): Time schedules and real-time data for public transport, including rail, subway, tram and bus
  • German Automobile Club ADAC: Messages in major cities
  • ASFINAG (Austria): Camera images from Austria

Road Works.

Road works information

Road works information are mainly taken form the Bavarian road works management system ArbIS. This system is used for planning and execution of road works by the Federal Highways Agency "Autobahn GmbH", our 19 local road maintenance offices and several district administrations. Through this link, Bayerninfo has access to detailed Information:

  • exact position
  • closed or diverted lanes
  • sequence of construction phases
  • speed and weight restrictions

The data is available already before the start of the works, so that also future road works can be shown in the road works calendar.

Road Works Statistics.

All in all, information about 500 large-scale construction measures on highways and 2,700 road works and closures on other roads are sent to Bayerninfo. In addition, there are 15,000 short-term road works per year, mainly moving road works for maintenance. Connected road works trailers send the data automatically.


Floating Car Data (FCD).

Data from connected vehicles and mobile apps

Floating Car Data are real-time data from connected vehicles and mobile apps. Bayerninfo has access to this data source for all major roads in Bavaria, ranging from highways to urban trunk roads.

From the speed profiles we can see a drop in average speed and thus derive precise messages on congestion and slow traffic. Bayerninfo calculates traffic messages from FCD, containing also congestion length and delay times.

Warning messages and others.

BayernInfo informed

The traffic warning center of the Police collects traffic messages from local police offices and other sources. The messages are also used for radio broadcast and TMC navigation systems. Bayerninfo uses this source mainly for warning messages (wrong-way driver, people/objects/animals on the road).

The traffic editors of Bayerninfo add additional messages e.g. about major events. Road weather messages are generated from data of the German Weather Service and our own sensor network.

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