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Extension of traffic cameras.

Traffic information cameras

A major extension programme for traffic information cameras has been running from 2018 to the end of 2020. 70 new cameras have been installed on highways. This programme has closed gaps in the current network and also increased the number of cameras in sections with regular congestions.

The main areas will be:

  • Highways A3, A7, A8, A9, A70, A93
  • Conurbations Munich, Nuremberg, Würzburg, Regensburg and Aschaffenburg
  • Hot spots like tunnels

In 2022, a new programme for more cameras on federal and state roads has started. In the first step, existing cameras will be included in toi Bayerniunfo services. Furthermore, new cameras will be installed. All in all, 200 new cameras will be available.

Additional urban cameras will be added in cooperation with cities. Also exisiting cameras in neighbouring regions of Bavaria shall be integrated (e.g. Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Northern Italy, Czech Republic).

High mounted on existing gantries or poles, in combination with an AI-based tool that eradicates all personal information automically, Data Protection Regulation is complied with. Additionally, the image resolution is reduced upfront.

The intelligent traffic light.

The TEMPUS Project

In the TEMPUS project (Test field Munich - Pilot test of urban automated road traffic), the Free State of Bavaria, the City of Munich and partners from industry and research are setting up a test field for automated and connected driving in the north of Munich. The Free State of Bavaria is testing the transmission of switching times of traffic signals for automated and networked vehicles at 22 traffic light intersections on the federal highways B13 and B471 in the areas of Unter- and Oberschleißheim, Garching and Lohhof. The goal is a "virtual green wave" and support for automated driving functions. The test runs will continue until mid-2023. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport.

TEMPUS Website
Short video about TEMPUS (GER)

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Up-to-date transport planning for Bavaria.

Traffic simulation

How do congestions build up and how can they be avoided? The Bavarian Road Administration used traffic simulation as a basic tool for transport planning, in order to keep the traffic on the road in flow. At you can find a fast, safe way to your destination. 

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