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The Bavarian Railway Company (BEG) operates the DEFAS Bavaria ("Durchgängiges elektronisches Fahrgastinformations- und Anschlusssicherungssystem“, in english: Continous Electronic Passenger Information and Connection Assurance System) on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria. Around 80 transport companies and associations supply timetable data for an end-to-end routable data set. Around 50 of the data suppliers transmit real-time data in addition to static data. The DEFAS data is made available free of charge (as far as technically and legally possible) for various applications, websites, external systems and research purposes.

further data offers

Static timetable data

The Bavarian static timetable data from DEFAS Bavaria are part of the Germany-wide DELFI data set, which can be downloaded from the "Open Data ÖPNV" platform in the GTFS and NeTEx formats.

  • Data provision: via „Open Data ÖPNV“ platform
  • Update cycle: weekly
  • Availability: free (registration required)
  • Data model: DELFI data in GTFS or NeTEx formats
  • Data transmission: Download
  • Contact: Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH

Germany-wide static timetable data (GTFS/CSV)

Germany-wide static timetable data (NeTEx/W3C-XML)

Bavarian stop data

The stop inventory from DEFAS Bavaria is exported to DELFI and can be downloaded from there in the "central stop directory" (zHV), e.g. for individual municipality codes or completely for entire Bavaria (organization: "BEG") as well as for other federal states. In addition to the Global IDs (GID/DHID) of the stops, the available data also includes their geocoordinates.

  • Data provision: via zHV
  • Update cycle: regularly
  • Availabilty: free (confirmation of terms of use)
  • Data format: CSV, XML
  • Data transmission: Download
  • Contact: Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH

Registration in the central stop directory (zHv)

Real-time data for dynamic passenger information displays

Some departure indicators require the standardized data format VDV 453 DFI. This is real-time raw data that is looped through to the DFI system from the responsible operations control systems of the transport companies and associations via DEFAS Bavaria. Since the data is only looped through, the data recipient is advised to first clarify with the data suppliers concerned (e.g. bus companies operating at a stop) whether they transmit VDV 453 DFI data to DEFAS Bavaria at all. If they don't, DEFAS Bayern cannot provide the desired departures and arrivals in the VDV 453 DFI format.

  • Data provision: via BEG
  • Update cycle: real-time
  • Availabilty: Data delivery contract required
  • Data model: VDV 453 DFI
  • Data transmission: to coordinate on both sides
  • Contact: Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH


Real-time connection infomation for the passenger information system

For electronic timetable information from websites and apps as well as internet-based departure and information displays, DEFAS Bayern offers an interface through which calculated connections and departures/arrivals can be retrieved. The calculation is performed by DEFAS Bayern's electronic timetable information system based on the integrated data set and the available real-time information. The TRIAS standard is generally used as the interface. The status and scope of the information provided via the interface correspond to the connection information of the Bavarian timetable.

  • Data provision: via BEG
  • Update cycle: Static timetable two times a week, real-time (where available)
  • Availability: Portal contract
  • Data format: XML
  • Data transmission: TRIAS-Schnittstelle
  • Contact: Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH


TRIAS Standard

One time provision of static timetable data

For the creation of local transport plans and accessibility models as well as comparable projects and research projects, it is possible to obtain one-time static timetable data from DEFAS Bavaria, which can be tailored to specific so-called subnetworks (e.g. DB, MVV) if required. The needs of the data recipient and the existing possibilities of DEFAS Bavaria must be coordinated with the BEG in advance. If the BEG incurs significant additional costs for the data export, these may have to be borne by the data recipient.

Usually, VDV 452 and DIVA/DINO are available as export formats. Exports in GTFS format cannot be carried out at DEFAS Bayern until further notice. Before receiving the data, the data recipient must usually also conclude a data delivery contract with the BEG. The standard template of the data delivery contract can be requested from BEG via the mentioned e-mail address.

Since individual data exports at DEFAS Bavaria are always associated with effort, interested parties are requested to use the data sets of the "ÖPNV Open Data" platform if possible. Furthermore, individual exports from the Germany-wide data set can be requested from DELFI in various regional cuts and data formats.

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