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You can read more information about the coronavirus in Bavaria on the website of the Bavarian State Government.

Do not forget to wear face mask if you plan to use public transport or visit open shops!

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For a quick overview.

Traffic situation map

Bayerninfo combines data from different sources to a comprehensive traffic situation map. For 55,000 km of roads, real time data are available, which are used to calculate congestion messages. The police notifies about any kind of dangerous situations. Road works information for the Bavarian road network is provided by Highways Agencies, Road Maintenance Offices, Districts and Cities.

In this service, you can plan your route for all modes of transport. For the public transport modes, real-time data is included.

Traffic situation map 


Clear view on traffic.

Traffic cameras

Currently, live images of over 260 webcams on Bavarian motorways and ca. 70 webcams on rest areas, mobile webcams in construction zones and inner-city webcams are included in Bayerninfo. An extension of the webcam service is planned for 2020. The cameras give you an impression of the current traffic situation, but will not show personal information like license plates or faces.

Traffic cameras 

Safe time searching.

Parking services for cars and trucks

On the A9, Bayerninfo offers live information on the current availability of truck parking spaces. An extension of this service to other highways is planned. Live data for car parks is available for several big cities. In addition, you can get static information like equipment and prices for parking spaces and rest areas.

Truck Parking 

Real-time road works.

Road works

The Bavarian Road Administration is a major source for information on road works and road closures, as its authorities are responsible for planning and execution of road works on the Bavarian network of highways, federal roads, state roads and district roads. Every year, Bayerninfo receives detailed information on 500 large-scale road construction measures on highways and about 1,500 messages on road works on the subordinate roads. In Addition there are 15,000 short-term road works like moving road works for maintenance. The data is published on Bayerninfo, but also provided for logistics and navigation services or websites.

Road works calendar 

Bavaria's Travel Planner.

The public transport data is provided by the Bavarian Rail Agency (BEG), which operates the Bavaria's Travel Planner database for real-time data including long-distance trains, regional and urban transport services, trams, subways and busses.

Bavaria's Travel Plane


Bavarian Network for Cyclists.

The Bavarian Network for Cyclists offers information on bicycle tracks . It covers more than 120 long-distance tracks including a route planner for bikes, detailed descriptions and additional links e.g. on accomodation, sights and special POI for cyclists.

Bavarian Network for Cyclists


Mobile services.

Little helpers when you’re on the road

The Bayerninfo App for iOS and Android provides you all data on your mobile device. It has been the first mobile traffic information app operated by a State authority in Germany.

BayernInfo App