Cooperation on all levels


Data providers.

Data Providers for Bayerninfo

The Bavarian Road Administration is the major source of data for Bayerninfo especially for traffic cameras and road works. The Highway Directorates Nothern and Southern Bavaria, 19 regional road maintenance offices and many district administrations are involved in the generation of road works messages. Data from connected cars and road weather data are purchased form commercial providers. Beyond this, also other partners contribute to our service:

  • Traffic Warning Center of the Police: Warning messages
  • Bavarian Rail Agency (BEG): Time schedules and real-time data for public transport, including rail, subway, tram and bus
  • German Automobile Club ADAC: Messages in major cities
  • ASFINAG (Austria): Camera images from Austria

Cooperation partners.

Bayerninfo as Data Provider

Bayerninfo data is used within the Bavarian Road Administration for various use cases, e.g. road works management, traffic control or transport planning.

There are various cooperations with partner, for which Bayerninfo provides data and content:

  • Automobile and navigation industry
  • Truck industry and their providers
  • Various agencies of the road administration
  • Traffic warning Center of the Police
  • German Army
  • Automobile Club ADAC
  • Online-Services of radio stations and newspapers
  • Online map services
  • Road Operators from other regions

Mobility data.

Bayerninfo on the MDM

Bayerninfo data can be obtained (as far as technically and legally possible) from the German National Access Point, the Mobility Data Marketplace MDM for use cases in the vehicle, websites, services and research. The data is free-of-charge.

Mobility Data Marketplace Germany

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