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Truck parking

Truck Parking Guidance.

Project truck parking guidance system A9

In the project truck parking guidance system A9, 22 rest and service areas have been equipped with precise detectors that can recognize, if a truck is entering or leaving the parking area. The difference between entering and leaving trucks can be used to calculate the current number of free parking spaces. These data are used for the truck parking service of Bayerninfo. By giving the truck drivers access to these data, they can avoid searching a free slot for a long time, which is currently a major issue during the night time. The main goal is a balanced use of the existing capacity.

New truck parking approaches.

Pilot systems

Beyond the parking guidance system, there are two pilot systems for a more efficient use of the existing capacity on a single rest area. The project Compact Parking follows the approach to park three trucks directly behind each other in one row. The trucks are parked according to the planned departure time to avoid them blocking each other. The vehicle leaving the earliest always parks at the first position. The pilot area is the service are Jura-West at the highway A3. A similar system is currently being tested at the service area Kiefersfelden at the A93 near the Austrian border.

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