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German-wide information


Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Housing - Road works in Germany
ADAC (General German Automobile Association) - Traffic jam information
TOLL-COLLECT - Toll in Germany



Bayern-Fahrplan - Local rail traffic for Bavaria
Bayerischer Rundfunk - Bavarian Public Broadcaster, Traffic Information
Munich Airport - Airport Information
Nuremberg Airport - Airport Information



Traffic Center Baden-Württemberg - Traffic information and webcams



Traffic Center Berlin - Traffic information and webcams



Traffic Center Brandenburg - Road works information



Traffic Center Hessia - Traffic information and Webcams



State Agency for Transport - Road works information

Lower Saxony


Traffic Management Center Lower Saxony - Traffic information and webcams



State Agency for Road Construction - Traffic information and webcams



State Agency for Road Construction - Traffic information and webcams



State Agency for Road Construction - Traffic information

Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia


Jump Radio - Traffic information



State Agency for Road Construction - Traffic information




ASFINAG - Motorway information for Austria, Webcams and Route Planner
ÖAMTC - Austrian Automobile Club: reports on road conditions and motorway road works
A nach B - Route Planner and Traffic Information for Austria



Touring Club Switzerland - Traffic Information
Truckinfo - Traffic reports for HGV

Czech Republic


Czech Road Directorate - Motorway information for the Czech Republic, Webcams and Route Planner



Autostrade per l'Italia - Traffic Information
Brennero motorway - Information for Brennero motorway Italy (in German, Italian and English)



ASFA - Association for motorways in France (in French and English)
Cofiroute - Motorway information for France



Flanders - Traffic Information and Webcams
Wallonie - Traffic Information and Webcams



ANWB Verkeer Nederland - Traffic reports for the Netherlands



Danish Road Directorate - Traffic Information and Webcams for Denmark



GDDKIA - Traffic Information and Webcams



Highways Agency - Traffic Information for England

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Information on Bavaria’s Cycling Network

This online service shows the cycle paths in Bavaria. It provides information on the course of a cycle path and allows you to look at the points of interest along the route. Moreover, on the Bavaria's Cycling Network site, you can plan your cycle tours from doorstep to doorstep. If you wish, you can also have the route to the cycling network calculated using means of public transport that allow you to take your bike with you.

Information on traffic condition

The "Traffic condition" service shows a map of Bavaria illustrating the currently prevailing traffic loads on the roads and current traffic messages. Information is drawn from most different sources, e.g. traffic reports by the police, current values of counting points, analyzed typical traffic patterns of the past. You can select a pre-defined area or a variable section of the map. Besides current time/day use the folder "forecast" to select any other time of up to one year ahead.

Details on Travel Information

Use the Travel Information site to find destinations and plan trips.

You will be provided with realistic travel information for all modes of transport, so that you can easily compare the travel times computed. BayernInfo thus allows you to choose the best travelling option to quickly get to your destination stress-free.

You can search for destinations in Bavaria by entering a keyword. You can enter a search term in one or several of the categories town, street, stops and POIs.

You can thus search for
  • a town in the map
  • look at the timetable of a stop
  • compare the travel times of routes between the start and destination addresses taken by car, bus or train, or
  • have your own personal commuter timetable created that shows you the quickest way to get to work and back home.
Route calculation is largely based on dynamic information, such as the current timetables of public transport or traffic reports. Traffic forecasts and changes to the timetables of public transport are also considered if available.